Nagoya Geographers Association

The Nagoya Geographers Association has approximately 150 members, both professional and amateur geographers in and around Nagoya City and Tokai Region, Central Japan. We are aiming to develop the geographical reserch and education in Nagoya Region, to vitalize communication within the geographers' community, and to send local messages based on geographical insights to both nation-wide and international communities.

We have several activities ranging from the academic meeting to the field excursion:

  1. STUDY: including the academic meeting with some presentations,
  2. SEMINAR: voluntarily supporting the geographical education in Nagoya Region,
  3. WORKSHOP: discussing some issues concerning the geographies of Nagoya Region,
  4. SYMPOSIUM: under the joint auspice of Gifu Geographical Association, GIS Association and so on,
  5. EXCURSION: providing you exciting experiences based on the locality, and
  6. MAGAZINE: an annual essay collection published since 1987.

Our memberships are very much wide, ranging from amateurs, teachers of elementary, high and other schools, journalists, planners and public servants, to professional scholars interested both in geography and in its neighbouring subjects: history, sociology, economics, planning and so on. If you are interested in a variety of geographical issues and/or the geographies of Nagoya Region, why don't you join us?


Makoto TAKAHASHI, a secretariat

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